Macro & Market Publications

Macro and Market Publications

Zurich Insurance Group's Investment Management team manages over USD 200 billion worldwide. Zurich's investment specialists regularly issue publications on current market and economic topics.

Guy Miller

Zurich’s Economic & Market Outlook

Guy Miller

Investment Management's Key Points (July 2021)

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Macro & Markets View

Designed to give clear interpretation of the previous week’s macroeconomic and financial market developments. It represents how Zurich sees the financial landscape evolving on a week-by-week basis

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Macro & Market Outlook

With a 12 month focus, this publication is designed as a reference document for multiple user groups. It provides the foundations for the financial market and economic views at the Group level.

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Investment Insights

Produced monthly, the document is structured to give a succinct view of the investment outlook and economic prospects for the next two to three months.

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Inflation Focus

A quarterly publication, conveying the most likely outlook for inflation over the subsequent 12 to 24 months. Global and regional views are provided, detailing the driving forces behind the outlook.

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ad hoc

Topical Thoughts

Investigative research on specific issues, with expert thoughts and opinions provided on an ad hoc basis.

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