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Differentiated access to alternative strategies

The current market environment calls for disciplined cost and liquidity management. How can alternative strategies nevertheless be included in the portfolio?
Private Equity IV

Private equity

Investors who have decided to invest in private equity, will next have to deal with questions of allocation and implementation.

Successful infrastructure investments via co-investments

Diversify broadly with co-investments, and generate steady returns with brownfield investments. Thanks to good advice, you can also benefit from attractive fees.

Paths to illiquidity

A healthy mix of liquid and illiquid investments offers institutional investors returns and the necessary security.
Mixed portfolios for all needs

Mixed portfolios for all needs

The Zurich Investment Foundation's mixed portfolios provide an overall solution for investors who wish to participate simply and transparently in all major investment markets.
Direct real estate in Europe

Direct real estate in Europe

The global real estate market offers many investment opportunities – but it also harbors the associated risks.
Investment group Real Estate Global

Invest globally

Take advantage of the investment opportunities offered by the global real estate market. And obtain good advice: After all, local know-how is very important for a successful real estate investment strategy.

Well worth a look: The US real estate market

Many Swiss pension funds have been strongly represented in the real estate investment class for many years.
In the case of real estate investments

In the case of real estate investments, the success lies in the details

The real estate asset class has gained in importance. It is hard to imagine institutional investors' portfolios without Swiss real estate investments in particular.