Macro and Market Publications

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Macro and Market Publications

Zurich Insurance Group's Investment Management team manages over USD 200 billion worldwide. Zurich's investment specialists regularly issue publications on current market and economic topics.
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Weekly Macro & Markets View

Weekly Macro & Markets View focuses on previous week’s financial market developments and how Zurich views them. Go to publication
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Monthly Investment Insights

Monthly Investment Insights shows the investment outlook and economic prospects for the coming months. Go to publication
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Inflation Focus

Inflation Focus is published quarterly and addresses the inflation outlook for the next 12-24 months. Go to publication
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Topical Thoughts

Topical Thoughts provides information about research on specific topics that affect the business environment. Go to publication

Economic & Market Outlook

Economic & Market Outlook provides information on economic and financial fundamentals and trends. Go to publication
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Mid Year Review

Mid Year Review provides an up-to-date economic and market outlook and forecasts developments over the next 12 months. Go to publication

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Martin Gubler, Managing Director, Zurich Investment Foundation and Tom Osterwalder, CEO, Zurich Invest Ltd

Tom Osterwalder appointed CEO of Zurich Invest Ltd

Tom Osterwalder will take over as CEO of Zurich Invest Ltd (ZIAG) on October 1, 2023. He will replace Martin Gubler, who has been CEO of the company since 2006 and will continue to take over the management of the Zurich Investment Foundation.
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Sustainability in figures 2021/2022

Our online report provides information on the environmentally relevant key figures for Swiss real estate and now shows a year-on-year comparison of the key figures for equities and bonds.
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Product update «ZAST Private Equity Co-Investments I»

We have already allocated a large portion of capital to 12 deals. Learn more about deal selection, current allocation and performance.
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The global real estate market offers many investment opportunities – but it also harbors the associated risks.