Climate policy

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Climate change

Every company and every asset will be affected by the climate change and by the collective measures taken to combat it. This will be the case even if society masters the transition to a climate-neutral economy. The effects of the climate change run through all elements of our responsible investment strategy.

Measures in five areas

Zurich Invest Ltd has defined a clear approach in order to take the climate change into consideration both in its own investment approach and in that of its external asset managers. In this context, we are committed to measures in five areas:

Promote social commitment

Together with our external asset managers, we influence the companies that our companies invest in. We promote an active commitment with regard to climate risks and a reduced carbon footprint. Our external asset managers undertake to regularly inform us about the progress made in terms of a reduced carbon footprint and improved energy efficiency.

Strengthen ESG integration

Due to its complexity and long-term nature, the climate change represents a special challenge for the ESG integration. We analyze and measure the climate risks in our customers' portfolios by means of two recognized analysis tools, MSCI ESG and TRUCOST, in order to initiate suitable measures where necessary.

Promote climate-positive business

Within the framework of our ongoing commitment to impact investing, we pursue specific projects in various asset classes in order to continually reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With our offering of investments in green bonds, we support the energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of the respective issuers. In the field of infrastructure investments, our customers invest in various renewable energy projects.
Our customers' equity, bond and real estate portfolios are to achieve zero emissions by 2050. The targets for other asset classes will be determined soon.

Innovation and continuous further development

Within our innovation process, we continually analyze current trends, measures and investment ideas that could further reduce any climate risks for our customers.