Our three principles

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Three principles for effective, sustainable investments

Zurich Invest Ltd promotes successful investments that also have a positive impact on the environment and society by focusing on three principles.

The following information refers to Zurich Invest Ltd in its role as fund management company of the real estate fund «ZIF Real Estate Direct Switzerland» and as manager of the Zurich Investment Foundation.

ESG Integration

ESG Integration

We integrate ESG criteria in the investment process across all asset classes. Our objective is to generate added value for our customers by harmonizing successful business with sustainability.
Impact Investing

Impact Investing

Zurich Invest invests part of the assets it manages on behalf of investors for the purpose of generating environmental, social and infrastructural impact («Impact Investing»). The focus is on the topics of demographic development and climate change.
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Advancing Together

The further development of the markets and the more efficient identification and management of ESG risks is only possible through the joint commitment of all market players. For companies that are looking for capital, this creates incentives for sustainable business models.

What does ESG mean?

ESG stands for three sustainability-related areas in which companies have responsibilities:

  • Environmental: Effects on the environment
  • Social: Socially responsible actions
  • Governance: Sustainable corporate governance
Onlinereport sustainability

Sustainability – latest key figures

Online report on our strategy, the targets and the results we have achieved together so far.


Find out more about our sustainability goals

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Our engagement approach

Our three-tier engagement approach is designed to ensure a focused dialogue with companies to raise awareness of ESG issues and to encourage steps towards improving their practices.

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Our approach to the exercise of voting rights

An effective voting rights policy with systematic focus on ESG criteria effects changes at corporate level and results in better investment decisions by the companies in which our customers' assets are invested.

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What exclusion criteria do we apply?

Our three-step exclusion approach takes into account the principles of the SIA, the UN Global Compact, and we place a focus on ethics and climate.

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How do we handle climate risks?

We are committed to measures in five areas in order to take climate change into account in our own investment approach and in that of the external asset managers.

Learn how we make sustainability measurable.

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Responsible real estate management

Sustainable building and management can achieve a lot: For example, the energy-efficient renovation of older properties can make a substantial contribution to the active reduction of energy consumption.

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Energy-efficient real estate

A positive impact on the sustainability balance is possible through active management of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


Effective voting rights policy

An effective voting rights policy with systematic focus on ESG criteria effects changes at the corporate level and results in better investment decisions.

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Ongoing monitoring

We measure our external asset managers on the basis of whether they take environmental factors, social responsibility and sustainable corporate governance into consideration in line with our objectives when selecting investments.