Our exclusion approach

Our three-level exclusion approach for sustainable investments

We identify issuers and companies that do not meet our requirements and establish transparency with regard to the compliance with ESG criteria in our investments.

1. Basic level

The basic level considers the recommendations of:

  • the Swiss Association for responsible Investments (for shares, bonds, alternative investments and infrastructure) and
  • the principles of the United Nations Global Compact on outlawed weapons (for equities, alternative investments and infrastructure)
Kriterien der Basisstufe
Exclusion criteria

The exclusion criteria of the basic level are applied to the following actively and passively managed asset classes

• Equities
• Bonds
• Alternative investments
• Infrastructure

2. Climate-focused exclusions

The second level aims at the exclusion of issuers and companies that exceed thresholds in the field of coal, oil sands or oil shale. These thresholds are important in order to achieve the goals defined in the Paris Agreement to curb the global warming.

3. Ethics-focused exclusions

The third level aims at the exclusion of issuers and companies that engage in business activities considered unethical.
For example, this includes the production of fur, alcohol and tobacco.

Onlinereport sustainability

Sustainability in figures – 2021

Online report on our strategy, the targets and the results we have achieved together so far.