Exercise of voting rights

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Exercise of voting rights

An effective voting rights policy with systematic focus on ESG criteria effects changes at corporate level and results in better investment decisions by the companies in which our customers' assets are invested.

Exercise of voting rights in our sustainability strategy

The exercise of voting rights is a key part of our sustainability strategy, which aims to manage both traditional and ESG-related risks and contribute to the financial success of investments.

Zurich Invest Ltd uses the voting rights policy as part of ESG integration. It is therefore of great importance, as it enables us to fulfil our fiduciary duties to our customers and to comply with regulatory provisions.

What do we achieve through the exercise of voting rights?

First, fulfilment of the fiduciary duty to guarantee the financial security of our customers. Second, compliance with regulatory provisions in order to meet statutory requirements. In addition, exercising voting rights can influence strategic decisions at the companies in which our financial instruments are invested.

A central focus of exercising voting rights is compliance with the provisions of the Paris Agreement.

How does the exercise of voting rights work?

Shareholders transfer their voting rights to third parties, who participate in general meetings and make decisions on their behalf. The aim of exercising voting rights is to encourage companies to make responsible decisions and to create long-term value for their shareholders. 

In what ways can voting rights be exercised?

Shareholders can exercise their voting rights in the following ways: via general meetings, letters, emails or electronic voting via online platforms. To allow the exercise of voting rights, Zurich Invest Ltd is coordinating with consultancy company Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), an expert in this field.

Voting rights policy

We are working with voting rights consultants ISS on the exercise of voting rights and using their framework guidelines. Building on this foundation, we have established other criteria based on our three sustainability principles.

Our voting rights policy focuses on good corporate governance, integration of climate factors, sustainability in terms of the UN-PRI and general standards for sustainable investment (SRI).


The transparency we have created ensures that our investors are informed about ESG target setting and the progress already achieved by Zurich Invest Ltd and its asset managers.
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On climate change

  • Push for greater transparency regarding a company’s climate risks and opportunities
  • Integration of sustainability goals in corporate strategy
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Transition to renewable energy
  • Net zero portfolios by 2050
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For shareholder proposals

  • Independence of the Board of Directors
  • Diversity of the Board of Directors and company management
  • ESG risk management
  • Climate-related risks (transition risks and physical risks) 
  • Transparency and standardised reporting
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Figures on the exercise of voting rights

In our online report – sustainability in figures you will find previous figures on the exercise of voting rights in our active and passive equity vehicles.