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By accessing a website operated by Zurich Invest Ltd, which belongs to Zurich Switzerland, which is in turn a business unit of the Zurich Insurance Group that operates worldwide, and/or any of the services, information and documentation described or contained therein, you declare that you have understood and accept the following terms and conditions. Zurich Invest Ltd reserves the right to amend and/or remove these terms and conditions at any time, to any extent, and without prior notice.

General information about privacy and use of data

Zurich Switzerland and the companies of the Zurich Insurance Group are committed to protecting your privacy and personal data.

All personal or company information obtained by us about you will be processed in line with applicable privacy policies as per the Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG).

You can visit our website without providing us any information about yourself or your company with the exception of a confirmation that you are a qualified investor if you retrieve contents prepared exclusively for qualified investors. We will only store your personal or company data if provided to us via one of the applications on our website (e.g. contact form, enquiry/inquiry, quotation, premium calculator, online conclusion, notification of claim, chat). Your data will only be used for the purposes for which you have given us authorization. Furthermore, you hereby declare that you agree to the use of data provided via the website for marketing purposes by companies in the Zurich Insurance Group. These companies are permitted, for example, to send you marketing materials or quotations that may be of interest to you.

We use advanced, standard encryption technology to transmit your data. However, email communications are not encrypted. We would like to point out that, despite extensive technical and organizational security measures, it is possible for data to be lost or intercepted and/or manipulated by third parties.

Zurich Invest Ltd., Zurich Switzerland and the companies of the Zurich Insurance Group accept no liability if third parties amend, view, copy, use or exploit the data entered by you or by Zurich Switzerland.

Web analytics and cookies

When you use, we automatically collect meta data on your website visit. This includes, for example, your browser, your device type (e.g. smartphone or tablet), the channel used to access (campaign and reference information), how long your visit was and your IP address. Furthermore, we also record which content you retrieved on and how you interacted with the website and the applications on our website (digital offers). We do this to improve our website and our offers and align your experience on with your requirements. In order to store and analyze the collected data, we make use of tools from third-party providers such as Webtrends.

 We also use cookies to provide access to our digital offers. Cookies are small text files, which are stored in your browser or on your device and transmitted to us each time you access or one of our digital offers. They include, among other things, an anonymous user ID so that we can recognize you again the next time you visit our site. Without cookies, we would be unable to improve our digital offers on an ongoing basis or provide you with time-saving functions, such as the ability to continue with the calculation of a premium or the personalization of content. However, we do ensure that only information that is really needed is saved. If you do not agree with the use of cookies, you can configure your browser to that it does not accept any cookies from You will generally still be able to make use of our digital offers, but certain functions may not be available or only to a limited extent.

 Furthermore, we also integrate technologies from external providers in our digital offers, to which we transfer data on your activities on and our digital offers within the scope of our business relationship. These include, for example, technologies from web service providers such as Google (Google AdWords and Remarketing). Here we ensure than only anonymized data is transmitted. Cookies are also generally used when saving this data, whereby this lies within the area of responsibility of the service Provider.


We only send newsletters at the customer’s explicit request. You can cancel a newsletter subscription at any time. The data you give us will only be used to personalize our newsletter and will not be passed to third parties. You are not obliged to provide this information. We carry out anonymous link tracking for statistical purposes.