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Infrastruktur III

Investment group Infrastructure III

Achieve stable returns with brownfield investments

We offer you access to the most attractive infrastructure in the world.

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For years, our compass has pointed in one direction only: to outperform benchmark indices for our institutional customers. 

Private customers

Enjoy all the benefits of a major asset manager. 

Pension funds

Public and private sector pension funds rely on our investment expertise.

billion Swiss francs in assets under management
independently selected asset managers
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manager of Switzerland's largest non-bank investment foundation

How we add value

Many institutional investors have trusted Zurich Invest Ltd and its independent Zurich investment foundation for years.

Manager selection

Our investment philosophy is simple: we are only satisfied with the very best.

Sustainable Investments

As the managing director of the Zurich Investment Foundation, Zurich Invest Ltd is committed to sustainability in many ways - because this is an important concern of its investors.

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Our mission in a nutshell: Better than the market

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