We are highly selective for your benefit


Our investment philosophy is simple: we are only satisfied with the very best. That's why we aspire to work with the best asset manager in each asset class at all times.

Our portfolio managers

Zurich Invest Ltd develops investment solutions in close partnership with successful external portfolio managers. Each manager is chosen through a clearly structured, independent investment management process. That way, we can be confident that our partners are the very best in each asset class.

Our independence guarantees that we will select the best possible solution for you – in contrast to many banks that tend to prefer their own products. Our track record confirms that this strategy pays off. Especially for you.

Before we invest your money, we devote plenty of time to painstakingly selecting investment products and portfolio managers. Our selection criteria include experience, expertise and past performance. Also, every candidate must have a special feel for the highly complex processes in the financial markets. That is often what separates the good from the best in class.

Our selection criteria

Two analysts constantly monitor the selection criteria and the performance of the portfolio managers. The selection process is restarted if an asset manager underperforms significantly. This established investment controlling system drives good long-term performance and meets the high quality expectations of customers.

1. Needs analysis

We evaluate the long-term potential of an investment solution based on a thorough needs and market trend analysis tailored to the specific requirements of Swiss pension funds.

2. Manager selection

Next, we identify the most suitable portfolio manager by following our structured selection process. Being independent, Zurich Invest Ltd is free to select the ideal solution without any conflicts of interest.

3. Implementation

In the final phase, we jointly implement the investment mandate with the selected partners. Our primary focus in this process is to ensure a lean structure and efficient implementation.

A few words about risk and performance

In investment controlling, we set great store by detailed performance analyses across various timescales as well as high-quality risk management. Aside from compliance with investment guidelines, possible operational risks at the selected fund management companies are continuously reviewed (for example, in terms of staff turnover).

Portfolio managers and investment groups (as of 2020)

Bond portfolio managers

  Manager Investment Products
DWS DWS, Zürich

Money Market CHF
Bonds CHF Domestic
Bonds CHF Domestic SDC
Bonds CHF 15+
Bonds CHF Foreign
Bonds Euro
Corporate Bonds Euro (CHF hedged)

DWS, Frankfurt Bonds Global Passive
 Lombard Lombard Odier Investment Managers, Zürich Bonds CHF Domestic
Pramerica PGIM Fixed Income, Newark, New Jersey Corporate Bonds USD (CHF hedged)
Advent Advent Capital Management LLC, New York Convertible Bonds Global
HSBC HSBC Global Asset Management (France) SA, Paris Corporate Bonds Euro (CHF hedged)

Equity portfolio managers

  Manager Anlageprodukte
DWS DWS, Zürich

Equity Switzerland

Schroders Schroder Investment Management (Switzerland) AG, Zürich Equity Switzerland
 DWS DWS, Frankfurt Equity  Switzerland Passive
Equity Europe Passive
Equity USA Passive
Equity Japan Passive
Equity Emerging Markets Passive
 DWS J.P. Morgan Asset Management (UK), London Equity Europe
 DWS Goldman Sachs Asset Management International, New York Equity USA
Nomura Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd., Tokio Equity Japan
DWS DWS, Frankfurt Equity Global Small Cap Passive
Fisher Investment, Woodside, Kalifornien              Equity  Emerging Markets
  Wellington Management International Ltd., London Equity Emerging Markets

Real estate portfolio managers

  Manager Investment Products
Zurich Zurich Invest AG, Zürich

Real Estate Switzerland Residential
Real Estate Switzerland Commercial

Schroders Investment Schroder Investment Management (Switzerland) AG, Zürich Real Estate Europe Direct
Schroders Investment DWS, Frankfurt Real Estate Indirect Global Passive
BCV Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Lausanne Real Estate Indirect Switzerland

Alternative investments portfolio managers

  Manager Investment Products
Guggenheim Guggenheim Partners Investment Management, LLC, New York, USA

Senior Loans Global

 GAM Union Bancaire Privée, Genf Alternative Alpha
Alternative Beta
Credit Suisse Credit Suisse Insurance Linked Strategies Ltd., Zürich Insurance Linked Strategies Non-Life (CHF hedged)
GCM GCM Grosvenor, New York

Infrastructure I
Infrastructure II
Infrastructure III

Hamilton Lane Hamilton Lane, LLC, Philadelphia

Private Equity I
Private Equity II
Private Equity III
Private Equity IV

Hamilton Lane Schroder Investment Management (Switzerland) AG, Zürich Insurance Linked Strategies Life I

Our Analysts

The analysts at Zurich Invest Ltd are constantly looking for attractive new investment ideas. As part of the independent selection process, the analyst is responsible for both the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the asset managers, the subsequent on site due diligence, and careful evaluation of the findings. During the implementation, the analyst works closely with the other teams at Zurich Invest Ltd to find an innovative and tailor-made solution in the interests of our customers. All asset managers are continually monitored by at least two analysts to see if they are reaching their targets.

Tom Osterwalder
Tom Osterwalder
CFA, CIO Zurich Invest
Sebastien Dirren
Dr. Sébastien Dirren
MBA, Head Manager Selection/Monitoring
Chantal Bruseghin Vigne
Chantal Bruseghin Vigne
CAIA, Head Investment Propositions, Senior Analyst
Philippe Ebinger
Philippe Ebinger
Senior Analyst
Patrick Hug
Patrick Hug
Senior Analyst
Christian Jost
Christian Jost
CFA, Senior Analyst
Fabio Oliveira
Fabio Oliveira
Investment Product Manager & Analyst
Marina Stoop
Marina Stoop
Senior Analyst