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Invest in optimized funds of Institutional Customers

Take advantage of the advanced asset management skills of Zurich Invest Ltd, which manages more than CHF 42 billion, including the capital of numerous Swiss pension funds. You can leverage these economies of scale even as a private client. Invest in the same vehicles that institutional investors make use of – at attractive conditions. No matter whether you have a special savings goal or want to prepare for your retirement – your money is well taken care of by experienced professionals. 

1. We are independent

Unlike many banks, we can freely pick the investment products we recommend to you. Not having our own fund management allows us to work with the best asset managers in each asset class. As our track record shows, this approach pays off for everyone. Including you.

2. We offer attractive terms

Since we manage large asset volumes for numerous pension funds, we can negotiate large discounts from our business partners. And we always pass these savings on to you. So not only do you enjoy the advantages of a large, independent asset manager, but you can also invest at very attractive terms.

3. We are transparent

Being a major player in the Swiss fund market, we are regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Zurich Invest Ltd has long been a FINMA-authorized asset manager of collective investment schemes. Our entire investment process is transparent, closely monitored and controlled. This security and professionalism are the reasons why we are a trusted partner of pension funds and institutional customers.

Security and profits from financial investments? Yes, it is possible.

Investing can be fun: With Zurich Invest Certificate you benefit from the price gains of fifteen successful and sustainable Swiss companies. A clever protection mechanism also provides security.

Solutions for private customers

Zurich Invest payment plan

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Zurich Invest investment fund custody account

Investment fund

Zurich Invest Vested Benefits

Target investment fund

Zurich Invest asset management

Active asset management

Zurich Invest Pension Savings 3a

Target investment fund

ZIF Real Estate Direct Switzerland

Real Estate Fund

Services at a glance

  • We manage over CHF 42 billion, making us a major player in the Swiss fund market.
  • We are independent and work exclusively with the industry's best asset managers for each asset class.
  • Your money will be available when you need it, giving you plenty of flexibility.
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