Zurich Investment Fund Real Estate Direct Switzerland

In the case of real estate investments

ZIF Real Estate Direct Switzerland

A unique opportunity for qualified investors

A unique portfolio of Swiss real estate. Our experienced real estate specialists invest in existing properties in prime locations that generate stable long-term income.

billion Swiss francs in fund assets
existing properties
tranches over 3 years

Existing properties only

Exclusively existing properties with stable cash income and low vacancy rates. Good diversification across different phases in the real estate life cycle with future investment and appreciation potential over the next few years.

An experienced team

A well-coordinated, successful team of 25 experienced economists, architects and attorneys. In the 2015, 2016 and 2021 IAZI Award we were recognized for "Best Performance."

Excellent locations

A real estate portfolio regionally diversified across 13 cantons. Excellent locations: Three quarters of the properties are located in the Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva regions.

Portfolio insights

  • 66 existing properties in 3 tranches over 3 years
  • 75% of the properties are located in the top regions of Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva
  • Regional diversification across 13 cantons
  • 80% residential properties with a focus on stable rental income
  • Broad diversification over the real estate life cycle
  • Future investment and appreciation potential
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Value diversification

Broad property value diversification.

  • Largest property approx. CHF 50 million
  • Smallest property approx. CHF 3 million
  • Ø value: CHF 15 million

Life cycle diversification

Real estate properties are held across all phases of the real estate life cycle.

  • Good condition: 8 (12%)
  • Minor depreciation: 27 (41%)
  • Substantial depreciation: 27 (41%)
  • With attractive development potential for the next few years: 4 (6%)

Attractive yields

The focus is on stable, sustainable rental income.

  • 80% of rental income from residential usage
  • Gross annual rental income: over CHF 51 million 
  • Rental income from mixed-use and commercial properties (max. 20%)
  • 3 pure business properties

Attractive locations

Three quarters of the properties are within Switzerland's top regions and primarily in these urban locations:

  • 44% Zurich
  • 23% Lausanne
  • 9% Geneva

In all, 80% of the properties are located in core and core-plus locations

Selected properties

Fund facts

 Name  ZIF Real Estate Direct Switzerland
 ISIN/security number  CH0433089270/ 43308927
 Investor group  qualified investors pursuant to Art. 10 para. 3, 3bis , 3rd CISA
 Currency  Swiss Franc (CHF)
 Fund management/asset manager  Zurich Invest LTD
 Custody bank  Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV)
 Listing / Trading  off-market
 Accounting year  01.07. to 30.06.
 Distribution date  Within four months of the end of the financial year
 Issue date  14.12.2018

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In the case of real estate investments

Invest in Switzerland

Switzerland offers excellent investment opportunities – especially in the biggest cities: Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne. ZIF Real Estate Direct Switzerland gives investors unique access to high-quality Swiss properties in prime locations with excellent transportation connection.