Product update

Product update

Invest in «ZAST Private Equity Co-Investments I» to optimally complement your listed equity allocation. Thanks to the already advanced portfolio construction, you benefit from good portfolio visibility with reduced black pool risk. In addition, co-investments eliminate the private equity J-curve and reduce costs.
percent allocated
deals completed
million USD capital

Already a large part of the capital allocated to deals

The portfolio build-up is progressing well. 48 percent of the target capital has already been allocated to deals. A further 10 percent is in the closing process. 44 percent of the committed capital has already been called.

Product update timeline
Source: Zurich Invest Ltd, status as of December 2022
Since the launch, over 100 investments have already been reviewed and a total of 12 deals have been closed. 11 deals are co-investments, 1 deal is a primary fund.

Closed investments

Deal «Caduceus» Deal «Equinox» Primary fund

Current allocation

by sector by ESG profile

Target allocation

We are aiming for a regional split of approximately 65 percent North America, 25 percent Europe and 10 percent other regions.

The final portfolio is likely to be based on approximately 30-60 investments. Most of the capital will be invested via co-investments.

Our product in brief

>80% co-Investments

Middle Market Buyouts

GCM Grosvenor

North America and Europe

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