Mixed portfolios for all needs

Mixed portfolios for all needs

Mixed portfolios for all needs

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The mixed portfolios of the Zurich Investment Foundation offer many advantages: they are an uncomplicated, solid and tax-optimized solution for pension funds for those who want to participate in all major investment markets in a simple, transparent manner and on attractive terms. Thanks to the best-in-class asset managers, investment returns are first-rate and risks are broadly diversified.

Our mixed portfolios 

The Zurich Investment Foundation's mixed portfolios with investment groups Mix 20, Mix 45, Mix 65 and Mix 98 cover the needs of all institutional investors. The Mix 45, Mix 65 and Mix 98 investment groups take advantage of the possibility to exceed the maximum equity quota according to BVV 2.

Investors can choose from other mixed portfolios, such as the existing investment groups Profile Defensive, Profile Balanced, Profile Progressive and Profile Dynamic.

Pension funds that opt for the Zurich Investment Foundation's mixed portfolios invest in Swiss and international stocks and bonds as well as in alternative investments (including real estate) in compliance with the provisions of the federal law on Occupational Old Age, Survivors' and Invalidity Pension Provision (BVG/BVV 2) and the Investment Foundation Ordinance (ASV).

Our Mix assets

Mix assets offer an overall solution for investors who wish to participate in all major investment markets in a simple, transparent and cost-efficient manner. The main difference between them is the size of the strategic equity quota.

The benefits: diversified and cost-efficient

  • Cost-efficient overall investment solution
  • Asset allocation flexibly adapted to market conditions
  • Tailored to the needs of pension funds and 1e plans
  • The use of alternative investments and real estate expands the traditional investment universe and broadly diversifies risks

Asset allocation varies within the specified bandwidths and is flexibly adapted to the respective market conditions. The investment objective is to outperform the benchmark over the long term.

The Mix assets variants

Our profiles

Thanks to our profiles, investors can minimize effort without missing any opportunities. The investor chooses the risk profile. Zurich Invest Ltd. handles the rest. The investment objective is to maintain the regulatory volatility reserve. The shares are converted by means of active management.

The benefits: risk-controlled, adaptable, diversified

  • The profiles are appropriate for any market environment due to their diversification.
  • The investments are managed using tactical asset allocation ranges. This makes it possible to react to market situations at any time without exceeding the risk budget.
  • Less expertise and work is required on the part of the decision-making board or committee, as only individual risk appetite and tolerance have to be determined.
  • Use of scale effects: Smaller pension assets enjoy broad diversification in a manner not possible with individual investments.
  • OAK-approved, BVV 2 and ASV-compliant containers (with the exception of the Dynamic profile with regard to the investment category limitation specified in BVV 2).
  • Weekly review of tactical asset allocation ranges.
  • Quarterly review of strategic asset allocation and of the volatility reserve.
  • Alternative investments and real estate can be utilized to expand the traditional investment universe and diversify risks more broadly.

The variants of the profiles


Optimized investing

Zurich Investment Foundation represents the interests of investors vis-à-vis the appointed asset managers of the investment groups and vis-à-vis the custodian bank, as well as in all other important matters.

Tax issues are considered with particular care. The use of institutional investment funds, for example, offers decisive advantages over direct mandates: institutional investment funds are exempt from VAT and do not have to pay federal turnover taxes on securities transactions. Your investments comply with regulatory requirements and are FATCA-compliant and optimized for US withholding tax.

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