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In relation to infrastructure, we pursue a co-investment approach. This means that you participate directly in an infrastructure investment together with an infrastructure fund. Thanks to direct access, fewer fees arise for you in comparison to a fund-of-funds solution.

A suitable solution for every need


  • Open-End investment solutions have no fixed duration: subsequent investments and sales of units are possible.
  • Cash management expenditure is low, and the money remains invested.
  • Also available as CHF hedged solution.


  • Closed-End solutions have defined investment and realization periods.
  • Closed-End investments involve continuous distribution and repayment.
  • The cash volume is efficiently kept to a minimum, and there is no dilution following the final closing.

Infrastructure VI

Using a co-investment approach, the investment group invests in global brownfield investments that generate stable cash flows irrespective of economic cycles.

GCM Grosvenor
First closing
January 5, 2024
Final closing 1 year after first closing
Advantages Target portfolio
Manager Product data

Infrastructure Evergreen

  • Version unhedged: open for subscription 
  • Version CHF hedged: open for subscription 

The investment group invests mainly in global co-investments with a focus on core/core+ brownfield investments.


Infrastructure Evergreen (version unhedged) Infrastructure Evergreen (version CHF hedged)
GCM Grosvenor
GCM Grosvenor
First closing November 23, 2023
Planned Q4 2024
Prospectus (German) Prospectus (German)
Certificate of subscription (German)
Certificate of subscription (German)

Advantages Target portfolio
(version unhedged)
Target portfolio
(version CHF hedged)
Manager Product data

Why Zurich Invest Ltd is the right choice

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Over 2,2 billion capital commitments

  • The Zurich Investment Foundation has applied a successful co-investment approach since 2013 for infrastructure investments.
  • To date, more than 60 co-investments have been realized.
  • In total, more than USD 2,2 billion in capital has been committed in seven vehicles.
Graphic of the manager selection process

Clearly structured selection process

  • We collaborate with successful external portfolio managers.
  • They are chosen in an independent selection process.
  • Thanks to this independence, we can choose the optimal solution for you.

Infrastructure programs already launched

Infrastructure V Performance
Infrastructure IV Performance
Infrastructure III Performance
Infrastructure II Performance
Infrastructure I Performance

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Successful infrastructure investments via co-investments

Diversify broadly with co-investments, and generate steady returns with brownfield investments. Thanks to good advice, you can also benefit from attractive fees.