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In relation to infrastructure, we pursue a co-investment approach. This means that you participate directly in an infrastructure investment together with an infrastructure fund. Thanks to direct access, fewer fees arise for you in comparison to a fund-of-funds solution.

A suitable solution for every need


  • Open-End investment solutions have no fixed duration: subsequent investments and sales of units are possible.
  • Cash management expenditure is low, and the money remains invested.
  • Also available as CHF hedged solution.


  • Closed-End solutions have defined investment and realization periods.
  • Closed-End investments involve continuous distribution and repayment.
  • The cash volume is efficiently kept to a minimum, and there is no dilution following the final closing.

Infrastructure VI

Using a co-investment approach, the investment group invests in global brownfield investments that generate stable cash flows irrespective of economic cycles.

GCM Grosvenor
First closing
Planned Q3 2023
Final closing 1 year after first closing
Advantages Target portfolio
Manager Product data

Infrastructure Evergreen

  • Version unhedged: open for subscription 
  • Version CHF hedged: open for subscription 

The investment group invests mainly in global co-investments with a focus on core/core+ brownfield investments.


Infrastructure Evergreen (version unhedged) Infrastructure Evergreen (version CHF hedged)
GCM Grosvenor
GCM Grosvenor
First closing Planned Q3 2023
Planned Q4 2023 / Q1 2024
Prospectus (German) Prospectus (German)
Certificate of subscription (German)
Certificate of subscription (German)

Advantages Target portfolio
(version unhedged)
Target portfolio
(version CHF hedged)
Manager Product data

Infrastructure V

The investment group invests in global brownfield investments and pursues a co-investment approach with the addition of direct investments, primary funds and secondary transactions. 

CBRE Investment Management
First closing January 3, 2023
Final closing 1 year after first closing

Advantages Target portfolio
Manager Product data

Why Zurich Invest Ltd is the right choice

Infrastructure performance

Over 1,3 billion capital commitments

  • The Zurich Investment Foundation has applied a successful co-investment approach since 2013 for infrastructure investments.
  • To date, more than 40 co-investments have been realized.
  • In total, more than USD 1,3 billion in capital has been committed in four vehicles.
Process manager selection

Clearly structured selection process

  • We collaborate with successful external portfolio managers.
  • They are chosen in an independent selection process.
  • Thanks to this independence, we can choose the optimal solution for you.

Infrastructure programs already launched

Infrastructure V Performance
Infrastructure IV Performance
Infrastructure III Performance
Infrastructure II Performance
Infrastructure I Performance

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