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Green bonds are normal bonds that finance sustainable projects. Thus, they belong to the category of impact investing: The goal is to promote the transition to a climate-neutral economy and society and at the same time generate attractive return with systematic investments. For example, investors can benefit from a measurable carbon reduction.
was the year
in which the first green bond was issued by the European Investment Bank.
trillion US dollars
is the volume of green bonds issued so far.
is the share of corporate bonds on the market.

The target portfolio in a nutshell

  • Main focus on global green bonds in the field of investment grade
  • Admixture of up to 20 percent of other sustainable bonds is possible, e.g., of social bonds, sustainability bonds or green issuers
  • Broadly diversified across various countries and industries
  • Mix of treasuries, supranationals, agencies and corporates 
  • Professional green bond analysis makes sure that the bonds effectively live up to required sustainability criteria
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Ensure sustainability

  • The asset managers pursue a dedicated green bond analysis and engagement process
  • Active management: The sustainability of the bonds is checked, not only at the time of investment, but also during the term.  
  • Meanwhile, about 80 percent of the issuers are seeking a second opinion. 
  • Zurich Invest also monitors the sustainability by means of internal checks

Active management

  • Fixed income is a market with proven alpha potential
  • Benchmarks facilitate a basic check, but cannot reliably prevent greenwashing. 
  • The active dialog between the managers and the issuers enables deeper insight, reduces the risks and results in a greener portfolio
  • An in-depth credit analysis enables the utilization of alpha sources and reduces default risks
  • An active portfolio design prevents overpayment for bonds.

Best-in-class approach

  • The managers were only selected and commissioned following an extensive check of their fixed income and sustainability skills
  • Zurich Invest continuously monitors both the managers and the portfolios with regard to their sustainability aspects. 
  • Should it become necessary to change a manager, our customers can of course remain invested in the products. 

Institutional approach and service

  • The investment guidelines are tailored to institutional Swiss investors and take OPO2 into consideration. 
  • The fund is governed by Swiss law: Swiss investors do not need to pay any stamp duty
  • Reports are regularly prepared, e.g. concerning carbon savings.

What is so special about our manager?

  • Asset manager with long-standing experience and key focus on fixed income
  • Dedicated green bond team with long-standing expertise 
  • Broadly based credit research on site in Europe, in the USA and in Asia to ensure global coverage 
  • Structured, tried-and-tested investment process on the basis of a green bond analysis
  • Strong integration of ESG criteria in the investment process with an additional exclusion list
  • Successful green bond track record since February 2016
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Introduce sustainability to your portfolio

Green bonds are normal bonds of normal issuers. However, what is special about them is that they only finance sustainable projects and thus belong to the category of impact investing. Green bonds deliver measurable carbon reduction to their investors. 

Distinguished expert partner

In our collaboration with NN Investment Partners, we benefit from the long-standing experience of an asset manager with a dedicated green bond team. NN Investment Partners is our preferred partner for the implementation of a professionally managed, sustainable bond portfolio. 

Custom-tailored product

With green bonds, we can offer you a broadly diversified, professionally managed global portfolio. Both the vehicle and the investment guidelines are custom-tailored to Swiss institutional investors: No stamp duty is incurred in the Swiss fund, and OPO2 has been taken into consideration. 

Key facts

Name ZIF Green Bonds Global
ISIN/security number CH1130675452 / 113067545
Fund Administrator UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG
Depositary State Street Bank International GmbH, Munich, Zurich branch
Auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
Currency CHF (hedged)
Benchmark Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Global Green Bond Index
Investment Approach Active, fundamentally bottom-up, combined with greenness analysis
Geographical alignment Global
Management fee 0.30%
Expected Total Expense Rate Approx. 0.32% - 0.33%

Wald und Wasser

Clear and impact-oriented sustainability goals

Zurich Invest Ltd supports successful investments that have a positive impact on the environment and society at the same time. Learn more about our principles.

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